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High School Management System Software

The Next Gen School Management Software – Menorah Academy

Menorah Academy is a multipurpose school management software which is suitable for colleges, schools and universities for academic, administration and management related activities.

DEMO Credentails : Menorah Academy

Menorah Academy – Features

Easy to start

    • 2 Steps Installation process / Free Installation support
    • Installation with and without sample data
    • Clear documentation with screenshots

Master setup

It is User friendly as a basic user can setup all the academic settings with the help of on page helper tool and clear documentation given page wise and screen wise…

    • Academics Masters Setup
    • Courses Masters Setup with variable no. of semesters for each year
      • With semester
      • Without semester
    • Drag & Drop support for Courses to Academic Years
    • Subjects Masters setup with excel upload
    • Topics Masters setup for each subject with excel upload
    • Drag & Drop support for Subjects to Course Allocation
    • Drag & Drop support for Staff allocation to Courses and Years


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